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Lighting the Advent Candles

We light the Advent candles,
We light them one by one,
As a symbol of preparation
To receive again God’s Son.

We light one for forgiveness,
This tells us why Christ came
To forgive us of all our sins
And God’s message to proclaim.

We light one candle for peace,
Remembering this new born King
Came to bring peace and goodwill.
With faith to this dream we cling.

We light one candle for joy
As we anticipate His birth
And the joy that His coming
Has brought to all the earth.

We light one candle for love,
Love that came in a child so small.
This love that is beyond description
Is truly the greatest gift of all.

Then at Christmas Eve Communion
We light the large middle one,
This candle is colored pure white,
It stands for the Savior, God’s Son.

Written by Wilton Holston


(Steve's Space for December 2, 2018)

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