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Sunday October 7 was a FANTASTIC day in the life of First United Methodist Church of Ennis! As we began our Stewardship / Discipleship focus this fall, we had the joy of welcoming 6 new members into our church family: Mark, DeOnna and Layla Ganske; Mary Hickman; and Scott and Jessie Lindsay. We are so excited that they will be finding a place of ministry among us as we Make Disciples Who Make a Difference. I hope you will look for ways to introduce yourselves to them and include them in your conversations, small groups, and other activities as we make disciples who make a difference.

Many people often wonder why the church focuses on Stewardship every year. The short answer is because Jesus and the Bible spend a lot of time talking about money and possessions. According to Russell Blowers, 27 of the 43 parables of Jesus (62%) refer to money and/or possessions. “One out of every 10 verses in the 4 Gospels (288 verses) deals with money.” He has also said that the bible includes 500 verses on prayer, fewer than 500 verses on faith, but more than 2,000 verses on money and possessions.1 If Jesus had more to say about money than love, grace and prayer, then it is fitting that we periodically examine our lives in light of those verses.

 A deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ involves how we use the possessions God entrusts to us. As Marty Nelson stated in his Stewardship letter, “Thinking about my life, it becomes very apparent, everything and everyone I have is a gift from God...The truth is, I would be nothing and have nothing were it not for Heavenly Father.” How we use God’s gifts in this life is a spiritual matter every bit as much as it is personal matter. I need to ask, “Lord, what percentage of my income are you calling me give to Your church?” I pray you will join me in seeking God’s will for our lives and our church.

See you Sunday, Steve

1 (George A. Buttrick, The Parables of Jesus (New York: Harper & Row, 1928). The statistical counts are the opinions of Russell Blowers, “Minister’s Memo,” The Ninety-First Edition, Volume 36, No. 11 (November 1989), newsletter of the Ninety-First Street Christian Church, 6049 East Ninety-First Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250-1398).

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