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Dear First Methodist Family,

We will bring the third message series on the “4 From the Heart” message series this Sunday with “Guard Your Heart.” Our heart often determines our future so guarding your heart is important. The following Sunday will be the last Sunday in the series and we will talk about how a life with God looks. I’m also enjoying my Wednesday morning Study at 10:00 a.m. and this Wednesday we will be looking at some verses in 1 Corinthians that are reflected directly from the Book of Acts. Dr. Jinks is teaching a study on Romans each Wednesday at 6:00 and I’m hearing great things about the study. You might put one or both on your schedule. They are fun and informative.

Following this message series, our Lenten season begins. Ash Wednesday is on March 6th and we will have a come and go Communion time at the church from 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm and then again at 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm. The imposition of ashes (made from the ashes of last year’s palms) will be offered to all those who would like the symbol of the cross on their forehead. We will also pray with each family and each person individually or as a family. It will be a special time so please include Ash Wednesday in your Lenten calendar. There will be information on what Lent means available to you and the symbols of Lent will be all around.

We will also recognize and commission our new leadership in worship this Sunday. It’s a special moment of prayer so if you are part of one of our leadership teams be prepared to stand on Sunday.

WE ALSO HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE ON SUNDAY! Jana Chancellor, our SPRC chairperson will announce the name of the new pastor of the FUMC of Ennis. He will not arrive until July 1st but we will hear about he and his family and we will begin praying for this exciting time in the ministry of FUMC of Ennis. It’s not a Sunday you want to miss so it will be so fun to add a face and name to our prayers. I’ll have a few words to share about the new pastor as well. We have met many times and he and his family are so excited as they prepare for this big change. So pray!

Do you sometimes wonder if anyone is listening when you pray? Not long ago, Susan asked me to go to the store and pick up some yogurt. I had no idea there were literally dozens of choices to be made in sizes, flavors, and brands of yogurt. It took me about three seconds to flip open my cell phone and ask Susan for step by step instructions on what I was to bring home.

I wish I could say that is the perfect analogy of the way prayer works. We have a need. We bow our heads, perhaps get on our knees. We pray, “Is anybody listening?” and suddenly a voice answers and calmly instructs us step by step until all our needs are met and all of our problems are solved and the revival of church and spirit we all long for begins. I wish it was that simple.

But it does sometimes seem that there is no one listening. It seems like we don’t get the results we hoped for. Lucy in a “Peanuts” cartoon once told Charlie Brown that she had discovered that if she held her hands upside down she got the exact opposite of what she has prayed for. Is that how we get an answer from God? Do we need to vary the position of our hands?

No wonder the disciples came to Jesus one day and asked, “Teach us to pray.” It seems that we can learn to pray. Jesus answered the disciples request with a model prayer, one which we know, as The Lord’s Prayer.

Sunday is the last Sunday of February. March is around the corner. Are you praying your “St Patrick’s” prayer? Are you coming to worship? Are you wearing your God is Big Enough bracelet? Are you praying for your church and the new pastor?


In Christ,

Steve Ramsdell

Interim Pastor – FUMC of Ennis



(Pastor's Corner February 22, 2019)                                    

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