Lord's Ladies Class

This is a class designed to provide study and fellowship for women of all ages as they experience their journey of faith through Jesus Christ.




During this time apart, the Lord's Ladies are having varied studies.


March 29, 2020 & April 5, 2020
Study of Proverbs

Click HERE for the Study Information about Proverbs! 



March 22, 2020



The Lord's Ladies Class went on the entire Tour of Homes
held in Ennis this year on December 8th!
Here those present are lounging on the front porch
of the Culpepper House or
historically known as the Barkley House!

After the tours, the class went to Bella's for dinner together. Fun was had by all!




Sunday, February 10, 2019


Jill Collins shared a Bible reading guide
that had been handed down
to her some time ago.
We all plan to test the plan in our readings in the future!



For Every 10 Chapters you should find:


1. A promise to claim

2. A warning to heed

   3. A command to obey





Ina Dubberly Celebrates Becoming 91 
August 3, 2019



The Lord's Ladies Class has a very talented class member
who makes handmade cards of all kinds - Lou Bonett! 
Lou made this card for us to individually sign
and present to Ina for this birthday!




Sunday, January 13, 2019


Between studies we met during the Sunday School hour
for breakfast at Denny's Restaurant. 











Ina Dubberly's 90th Birthday Party


Ina had a blast and so did everyone else. Happy Birthday Ina!!!




L-R: Linda Gillespie, Earline Reese, Lou Bonett, & Ina Dubberly



Ina Dubberly and Lord's Ladies teacher, Joyce Slade




Lord's Ladies on the Go!



Lord's Ladies Class has been resetting and replenishing the Sanctuary
each week for YEARS now! This is a long term service to our church 
that we took on starting back in August 2012!






Cathy Stacks caught Ina Dubberly and Joyce Slade working
the Sanctuary on a hot and humid afternoon in July!
Some of us like to catch James Montgomery 
practicing on the organ while we add envelopes and visitor cards,
fold and place the church throws where they should be, 
refill the hand sanitizers,
and more. 




Caught being Patriotic by Cathy Stacks:
L-R: Kay Weathers, Jill Collins, and Juanita McBee


Clockwise from 6 o'clock: Sue Martz, Carolyn Sanders, Jill Collins, Juanita McBee,
Lou Bonett, Peggy Collins, Kay Weathers, Ellen Miller, & Earline Reese.



Juanita McBee is our top volunteer for just about anything -- a shy violet she is not! Behind the scenes people who manage to avoid pictures are: Jill Collins and Ellen Miller. 


Joyce Slade is ALWAYS available to do for just about anything, too!






Lord's Ladies have occasional outings together. This year we are attending the Prestonwood Baptist Church's THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS! 

Lord's Ladies and friends attend Prestonwood Baptist presentation of The Gift of Christmas! Outstanding - Amazing - Breathtaking!


After we returned to Ennis that day in December, we all went to The Wildflower to eat a late lunch or early supper. We know how to have fun, too.


            The year before last we took the tour of homes in Waxahachie together. We took some of our friends along on this trip! Here we are below at one of the homes!




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