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Maxie Dunnam had a short devotion named "Perceptions" that ran on several radio and TV stations many years ago. Today I want to share one of those with you:

“Can you imagine a person drowning in the presence of 200 lifeguards? Well it happened. In August 1985, 200 lifeguards with the New Orleans Recreation Department gathered at a city pool to celebrate. If was the first summer in memory that there had not been a drowning at one of the New Orleans city pools. While they were celebrating, a 31 year-old man, Jerome Moody, drowned in that very pool.

“Isn’t it ironic that the 200 experienced lifeguards celebrating the fact that they had had a trouble-free season, would have a man drown in their presence?

“Is there a lesson in that for us? What about our families or our close network of friends? Do we take them for granted? Is someone we know drowning from loneliness? Is a friend’s marriage breaking up, and we’re not paying much attention? As parents are we too busy celebrating the good in our families that we are overlooking one member desperately needing special attention?”

In our prayers and in our actions let us look for the littlest, the least and the lost.

See you Sunday, Steve

{Steve's Space for August 14, 2018)

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