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Our newly formed chapter of United Methodist Men has started studying the book Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley. We received our books on Saturday at the end of our monthly Men’s Breakfast meeting. I purchased the audio version so I could listen to it in my car. On my way home, I popped the disc into the CD player and began driving and listening. I made a few stops during the preface and introduction and found I was able to keep up with the train of thought between stops.

However, as chapter 1 began to unfold I found myself drawn in…no, it was more like being sucked into the story like water being sucked into a very powerful drain. As I listened to the story of Larry and Carol, an average American couple from Anywhere, USA chasing the American Dream, I recognized the characters immediately in my own life and in the lives of friends, family and church members Jeanie and I have known over the last 30 years. The lure of “The Good Life” has inspired, persuaded and even seduced many of us as we made major life decisions regarding jobs and debt and children and family.

Is this really all there is to life? Is the ‘American Dream’ God’s dream for you or is there a better way? Patrick Morley contends that the American Dream or Good Life is really just a Rat Race. Like rats running in a maze for some kind of behavioral experiment we race to the end to discover some small treat or reward. If we are wise, we will begin to see that the Rat Race always leads to a dead end. The rewards are always temporary and they never last as long as we hoped they would. After the thrill of victory is gone we realize the cost of ownership has been much more costly than the sum of the payments made to purchase the objects of our affection. More often than not there have been costs borne out in strained or broken relationships because we have chosen to love things more than people.

Jesus has a better plan. He wants us to love people, not things. If you are trapped in the Rat Race Christ has a different way. The race Christ calls us to run leads to eternal rewards and an everlasting home. Look for the nearest on-ramp at worship each Sunday. Train to become a Disciple by joining a small group, Bible Study or Sunday school class and make time for Christ in your life each day. Soon you will begin to see the change in you, your choices and your relationships.

See You Sunday! Steve

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