Chat & Chew
Contact person: Ginger Boon

What is Chat & Chew????

2003 to present

"Take Heed to the ministry which you have received from the Lord" Colossians 4:17

Chat & Chew was formed in 2003 as a way of saying "Thank You" to the senior ladies of the church who have given in countless ways to the life of First United Methodist Church. At first it was just for widows, but several ladies with living spouses, wanted to attend. We opened our doors and they are now among our "regulars", as well as ladies from other churches.

We minister to approximately 35 ladies each month. There are many in this group in their 90's. We have drivers that pick up the majority of our goup. We have a few independents that drive themeselves. We have two Valet Parking attendants. There are eight "crew members" that purchase the food, prepare the food, donate the food, and serve the food and the table decorations each month. We always have a monthly "Theme". We meet the first Monday of the month, except in September, then we meet the second Monday and enjoy Laor Day with our families. Our calendar year is September through June.

This ministry is God Given. There is not one negative aspect. We are not in the church budget. We are not an expense to the church except for location, heat, and air-conditioning. This is truly a "Grace" ministry.

Each "Crew Member" does her responsibility each month and God is truly Glorified.




  October 2017  
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