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Prayer Quilt dedications and presentations for two children on Sunday, April 22, 2018


Kristi Copeland led the dedication as well and introduced the recipients of each of the quilts.



Prayer Quilt for Poppy Drennan!



John Cullelar was present with his family to receive
his Prayer Quilt.

Following the dedication
the congregation was invited to come forward
to tie knots in the loose threads left for us to tie
into knots and to hold the tied thread
as we prayed for John and Poppy!


Joey Svehlak gets interesting and thought-provoking answers
from the children during his Children's Sermon.


Praising our Lord!



Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Worship Team leads us along with the Chancel Choir
in absolutely wonderful music!

Worship Team on board this Sunday (April 15, 2018) includes
(L to R) Sarah Jurik, Tara Washburn, Jasmine Pimentel,
Jeanie Holston, Minister to Music & Worship Davin Hutchinson.
To Davin's left is Micah Knight, Percussionist (visible in next picture!)
You can catch a glimpse of James Montgomery
at the keyboard just next to but behind Jeanie!

Sarah and Tara!

Jasmine and Jeanie!


Davin and Micah


The Worship Team brought a moving version of 
"At Your Name"
later in the service.

There is no way to describe their music,
but to say WOW and Praise the Lord!!!


Pastor Steve Holston was on fire with his words
of challenge to do the work Jesus asked us
to do: fish for people!



Following the service the first Ladies Luncheon of 2018
was held in Memorial Hall.
Click HERE for more pictures and information.



 Sunday, April 8th



Christen Vick kicked off the service with Announcements,
later the Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer,
and sends us away with the Benediction. 
Davin Hutchinson and Pastor Steve Holston look on intently!

The flowers so prominently displayed on the table are
in HONOR of Joan Hodge whose 90th birthday
celebration was held in the afternoon. More later on that!



Davin and the Choir lead us in the powerful "Up from the Grave."
That was definitely one of those WOW times in the service!

Later the Choir did a SPECIAL - "Be Still My Soul!" It is difficult to do better than that! Whoa!



Pastor Steve's last portrayal of people who crossed paths
with Jesus around the time of the Crucifixion
ended with Thomas.  


"Eight days later, Jesus appeared before His disciples again. 
Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here;
see my hands.
Reach out your hand and put it into my side.
Stop doubting and believe."



"Thomas said to him, 'My Lord and my God!'
Then Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me,
you have believed;
blessed are those who have not seen and
yet have believed'" (
John 20:26-29). 







Joan Hodge and her daughter Clarice at her 90th Birthday Celebration
in the Family Life Center.
Click HERE for more pictures of that event!




Easter Sunday - He is RISEN indeed!

First United Methodist Church in all readiness
to celebrate the Risen Christ!



The stage is set for Easter!


"Easter Bells" played enthusiastically
by the Handbell Ensemble!


Talk about enthusiasm -- nothing beats James Montgomery's
powerful hands and feet resounding the walls
with musical praise to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here he is playing "Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah."

The crowd went wild with applause once again!


James may be somewhat hidden at times
by other musical instruments,
but you cannot miss that he is there!


The singing of "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today"
just about took the roof off!


The Praise Team's via Davin Hutchinson arrangements of
"In Christ Alone" and "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)"
was so, uh,


Pastor Steve Holston prepared us for Communion on Easter Sunday - a rare combination! 


Janey Fallen reminded the children that
Christ is alive in our hearts!


The Kids L.I.F.E. Choir really did bring us a "Happy Day" in their joyous song!


The Chancel Choir continued the trend of uplifting the Spirit through song
with "Glorious Risen Christ."


Special music was brought to us by the beautiful voice
of LaNita Wilson singing
"The Blood That Jesus Shed for Me."


Have you heard! Have you heard! He is ALIVE!!!


Peter, the Apostle, as interpreted so realistically by
Pastor Steve kept us spellbound as he revealed
all that he knew that happened that last week,
but especially that
Jesus is alive!!!

He told about the denials that he
could not believe he would do and more! 

Pastor Steve was inspiring as Peter! 

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    This study is being led by Pastor Steve Holston.

    A survey of the various studies of Philippians 
    tells us that through
    we will learn more about knowing Jesus
    and obtaining more joy!
    Who does not want more JOY in their lives?

    Come join us! Bring your Bible!

    See you there!!!

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